Beacon of Light

Joey Dicamillo

Digital Media/Videographer


“It’s just soccer.”

“It’s just soccer.”

“It’s just soccer.”

I repeatedly tell myself as the misted rain cools and the sun sets on the bittersweet and seemingly premature ending of the sophomore FC Monmouth season. 

The attempt is halfhearted. 

FC Monmouth never truly stops at “just soccer”. It never once felt like the reverberation of the squad’s frenetic and euphoric celebration of goals remained solely within the pitch. It never once felt like the unified chaos and incessant whirlpool of the full spectrum of collective human emotion, joy, suspense, frustration, relentless encouragement — remained solely within the home stand at Count Basie Park. It never once felt like the tireless devotion, generosity, and incomprehensible depth of compassion the staff and owners put into every aspect of this club in front of and behind the scenes remained solely on the training ground or only during match days. 

These moments are carried, every day, in the hearts of all of us who have been positively affected by FC Monmouth’s existence. 

FC Monmouth is not merely a football club; it is a love letter to a community that has raised us, given us a home, and given us an identity. It is written not in ink, but in the collective human experience that sport gives to us. 

The crest is fashioned in the familiar image of a Monmouth County lighthouse — may that beacon of light shine on for many seasons to come. 

Forza Monmouth. 

Evan McMurtrie