FC Monmouth Mascot Contest Winner: Raptors

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During halftime of our home opener we announced the winner of the FC Monmouth Mascot Contest. After weeks of hard work by students and teachers, we selected the best ideas and had the Monmouth County community vote their favorite mascot for FC Monmouth. After more than 2,000 (!) votes from different people, we selected the best mascot that was voted for and represented both Monmouth County and our team.

Four students braved the weather with their families. Aryanna Lake (Taylor Mills School, Manalapan, Art Teacher Allison Tumminia) who designed the Wolves together with Aidan Spezio, Olivia Covert (Lillian Drive Elementary, Hazlet, Art Teacher Stephanie Marino) creator of the Dolphins, Helena LeCompte (Roosevelt Public School, Art Teacher Wendy Witlieb) designer of the Raptors, and Henry Bird (Rumson Country Day School, Art Teachers Melissa Petersen and Sara McDermott) who came up with the, on social media popular, The Blu Wave.

Helena LeCompte with two of her favorite FC Monmouth players John Antunes and Zachary Pereira

Helena LeCompte with two of her favorite FC Monmouth players John Antunes and Zachary Pereira

In the end it was Helena LeCompte winning the FC Monmouth Mascot Contest! Very exciting for her, her family, Art Teacher Wendy Witlieb, and Principal Mary Robinson Cohen of the Roosevelt Public School

Raptors are birds of prey, covering anything ranging from Eagles to Hawks and Ospreys to Owls, all animals that live and are often spotted in Monmouth County. They are also powerful but smart, beautiful but very focused and ruthless, and on a mission to take what they believe is theirs. That combined with the pretty colorful blue and yellow design with the soccer ball made it the most popular mascot for FC Monmouth. We'll work with Helena to make good use of the Raptors mascot idea next season!

Jacco de Bruijn