Connect, entertain, and inspire Monmouth County


For many years we have been playing Sunday morning pickup soccer at Sickles Park in Little Silver, NJ with a large group of people from across different towns in Monmouth County. While we each hail from different corners of the world, we all share a passion for soccer. With players ranging from former pros to parents wanting to get back in shape, everyone has different motivations to participate in this Sunday morning ritual. We compete with each other for 90 minutes, but in the end the fun always wins.

We know the power of soccer and how it can move people. We believe soccer should be accessible and fun for all. We started FC Monmouth to do exactly this, for Monmouth County. While there is a great infrastructure (lots of academies and soccer development initiatives), what is missing is a local team to aspire playing for or a local club to follow and support. We want to change this with FC Monmouth, working with the best young players from the area and delivering a memorable game day experience. Our mission is to connect, entertain, and inspire Monmouth County.

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Our vision

Just like the lighthouses on our shore have been for years, FC Monmouth aims to be a "beacon of light" for this area and soccer in the United States in general. We want to help guide the community and influence the overall direction. Not just on the pitch, but how we partner with local organizations and community members. While abstract, our logo represents this idea of a "beacon of light" - a bright light that can be seen from far away that shines down on the ocean bordering our county. This idea is a tribute to the over 250 year old Sandy Hook Lighthouse, the oldest working lighthouse in the US.



Federico Girardi - Attending Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Originally from Rosario, Argentina, Federico is a lifelong soccer fan and now coach in New York City where he lives with his wife and his two children.

Corbett Donato - Owner and CEO at The Donato Group. Corbett is a soccer enthusiast who played collegiate soccer and continues to coach local youth programs. He currently resides in Rumson with his wife and their four children.

John Kiely - President of the Kiely Family of Companies. A lifelong resident of Monmouth County, John has been extensively involved in the community and now lives in Red Bank with his wife and two children.

Jacco de Bruijn - Chief Revenue Officer at Fusion Recruiting Labs. Born and raised in The Netherlands and lived in Italy playing soccer. Jacco has been active in the local rec and soccer programs and lives in Fair Haven with his wife and three children.

Simon Nynens - Executive Director of Commercialization at NJIT. Originally from The Netherlands, Simon has been active in the local rec and soccer programs for years. Simon lives in Little Silver with his wife and four children.

Mattia Buffolino - Director of Compliance in the financial service industry. Mattia is involved in various community soccer programs including co-managing an adult indoor soccer league, and lives in Middletown with his wife and two children.

Stavros Memtsoudis - Director of Critical Care Services and Senior Scientist at the Hospital for Special Surgery. Stavros, born in Greece and growing up in Germany, is active in the local rec and soccer programs, and lives in Rumson with his wife and three children.